CSR + RG = good for business? Take the test!

Legal, Brand, Efficiency, Growth, RIGHT thing to do. Yes, CSR done right is good for business. Responsible gaming done right is good for business too! Take the test!

  1. 1 In the UK, which gaming company had the largest fine because of its social responsibility failures in 2017?

    1. 888
    2. Gala Interactive
    3. Stan James Online

    888 with £7.8m fine... it costs a lot not to implement social responsibility measures!

    888 had to pay the largest fine (£7.8million for failing vulnerable customers):  

    • Gala Interactive to pay £2.3m penalty package following social responsibility failures
    • Stan James Online to pay £80,000 penalty package for social responsibility and money laundering failures
  2. 2 Are there ways to promote responsible gaming in a positive/fun ways?

    1. giphy-downsized-13.gif
      No. It's a sad and boring topic.
    2. giphy-downsized-10-2.gif
      Yes! It only takes creativity! It may seem hard... but you can do it!!!

    Of course you can & should!

    Responsible gaming is a serious topic and should be addressed carefully. But this doesn't mean that it has to be boring. On the contrary, we need to engage positively on the topic to show that playing responsibly is cool! Playing JUST for fun is alright. 

  3. 3 Which organisation (UK) is the leading national provider of information, advice, support and free counselling for the prevention and treatment of problem gambling?

    1. GAMGaRD
    2. GamBlock®
    3. GamCare

    GamCare is the correct answer

    GAM-GaRD is a tool to help assess risk levels of games: www.gamgard.com 

    GamBlock® blocks access to online gambling: www.gamblock.com

    GamCare provides free Support and Counselling. Check them out here : http://www.gamcare.org.uk

  4. 4 Which online platform helps you implement responsible gaming in the right way?

    1. Credit
    2. Well, that question is such a plug! AND, we're ok with that!

    DigitalRG is the only one stop shop for RG, CSR in the gaming industry.

    Contact us here: hello@digitalRG.net or visit us here

CSR + RG = good for business? Take the test!

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CSR + RG = good for business? Take the test!