Gambling Tactics Quiz

How well do you know the right tactics when gambling? Take the test!

  1. 1 You are playing roulette. The last 7 numbers have been black. What colour should you bet on the next spin?

    1. Black.gif
      Black is on a roll... let's go for black!
    2. Red_strawberries.gif
      It must be time for "red" to come out...
    3. roulette.gif
      It doesn't really matter whether you go for red or black.

    Whether you choose red or black, you got equal chance

    If we think about it, the roulette has no memory of what happened in the previous spin... 

  2. 2 You have the choice of two identical slot machines to play. One has recently hit a jackpot and the other has not hit one in a long time. Which one should you play?

    1. giphy-downsized.gif
      Play the machine that is overdue for a jackpot. It is ripe and ready to payoff.
    2. Slots-win.gif
      Play the machine that just hit, maybe it will hit again.
    3. giphy-downsized-1.gif
      Doesn’t matter.

    It really doesn't matter

    Regulated slot machines don't remember their previous spins. 

  3. 3 If I lose when I gamble, I should keep gambling - my luck will change and I'll win back the money I've lost.

    1. giphy-downsized-2.gif
    2. giphy-downsized-3.gif

    Over time, the more you risk, the more you’ll lose.

    Each time you place a bet, the outcome is completely independent of the previous one. This means that the odds are no more in your favour on the tenth bet than they were on the first bet. So if you are losing more than you can afford, it's best to stop. 

  4. 4 When I play on a slot machine for at least 3 hours, it will definitely pay up soon.

    1. giphy-downsized-6.gif
    2. giphy-downsized-5.gif

    You can't know - it's all random...

    so best stop if you think you are playing too much. Never spend more than you can afford to lose... 

Gambling Tactics Quiz

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Gambling Tactics Quiz